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Yaron Golany's Book, A Gate to ArchitectureGolany Architects - Yaron Golany, Galit Golany


Golany Architects is recognised as a leading architecture firm. Their practice work has been published in the printed media and is highly regarded in Israel as well as abroad.

Golany Architects is an interdisciplinary office based in Tel Aviv, working on projects in the different design disciplines as a continuous design process. The office handles projects in:
Architecture, Landscape Architecture, Interior Design and Urban Design.

Projects successfully completed by Golany Architects include a high-tech campus at 45,000 sqm in building area, office buildings, residential buildings, public buildings and urban design projects.

The office principals are the husband and wife team, Yaron Golany and Galit Golany. Both studied at the Faculty of Architecture and Town Planning at the Technion - Israel Institute of Technology, where Ron graduated in 1987 and Gail in 1989. Golany Architects is the direct continuation of the work they began in 1991 in their firms Lavie-Golany Architects and Town Planners and Galit Golany Architects.

Golany Architects' projects are characterized by a strong response to context, and to its cultural and environmental aspects. This leads to projects that are varied in their formal and material qualities and are free from commitment to any one particular style.

Gail and Ron have spent seven years working in the UK and Australia, where parallel to work on innovative architectural projects, they also taught Architecture at the University of Melbourne and RMIT. Yaron Golany also writes about architecture, and he is the author of "A Gate to Architecture", a popular book that has been published in Hebrew by ZBM-Dvir publishers.

Since their recent return to Israel, they have maintained contacts in Australia, and continue their intensive work at Golany Architects.