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Architecture  _________________________________________________________________
ResidentialResidence in the Galilee  Residence nr Jerusalem  Residence in the Sharon  Town House in Tel Aviv  Town House in Tel Aviv  Town House in Tel Aviv  Town House in Tel Aviv  Town Houses in Tel Aviv
Commercial  Yanay High-Tech Park  Ronimar HQ  Gadish Building  Jaboutinsky Business Centre  Kiryat Arie Campus            
Institutional Community Centre  Gallery and Studio  Higher Education Information Centre  Visitors' Centre Design School 2 Stadiums Civic Centre and School  Kindergarten 
Landscape Architecture ______________________________________________________

                 Olive Grove nr Jerusalem  In the Forest nr Jerusalem  Public Garden, Rosh A'ain  Public Garden, Rosh A'ain  Public Garden, Rosh A'ain  Public Garden, Tel Aviv  Park in Beth Shean  Park in Rosh A'ain                    
Interior Design and Branding  _________________________________________________

                    Cherry Coffee Shops   OptiKid  Children's Bookstore  RavKat  Hats            
Urban Design _______________________________________________________________

                         North Petach Tikva  Transport Terminal  New Town Centre  Mixed Use Neve Oz  River Conservation  
                          North Petach     Transport Ctr     New Centre       Mixed Use          Yarkon River
                          Tikva                  Yavne                Galgulia             Neve Oz             Conservation